Sunday, July 19, 2009



huhu..just mourning over my scary little first assignment about politic in Manek friend just told me that she asked mr md noor that day..n it was due not untill he told us again..haha..what a relief~

ok..just finished emd's assignment..tmorrow planned for numec's and emf..hmm..really need to get another calculator for numec..kinda easier with 2..ita 'goda' me for another shopping spree at mines tmorrow..might join her..haha..just this one..last2! i hope..hehe..oh gosh..i really hope this mega sale thingy will stop..need is spent so unwisely..haish...but calculator is a might as well look for it at mines ^_^ *alasan*

big prob arise..those words keep on ringing in my this the best choice for him? hope so~ just cant think of any other way..if we keep on letting him be.. might get this is the right way..let's just pray for his well being..ameen~

classes~ all still ok...worries arise for emd and emf..emd started to look hard..asked few seniors they say emf is way it seems that the real deal havent coming into frame just need to get ready for the tmorrow or the next trip to mines with ita will be the last time for 'ronggeng'..hehe.. at this very moment..even blogging seem such a waste of time..i should be doing the manek urai essay!! haish...wateva~ hahaha still doing this entry while listening to sejarah mungkin berulang by tomok...hahaha...still wondering why i even have this song inside my playlist? hahaha..dont ask me again please!! ;p

okies...thats all for tonight

peace out~ ^_^

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