Tuesday, July 14, 2009



just came back from berendam ;p even dont really feel well today..i still want to berendam..and now..i felt somehow 'masuk air' hahaha..not sure how..these few days i wasnt really had my mind straight...today's the worst..last night had a terrible fever..only after 2 panadol i was sweating like mad..luckily its rained last night..felt better in the morning..but right before going to class i felt sick again..but thank God i felt better now..hopefully for good..can't stand any fever anymore..last night being alone with fever..haish..wish mama was here..boley manja2..nobody was here..eda pon xde..sadis2..hmm..why suddenly i miss mama..felt like going home this weekend..sound go to me..think i would..we'll see..well..nothing much to say...almost 2 weeks here..my rutine..wake up at 6am..breakfast at 7.30am..sembang2 with eda untill 9am..our class usually end at 4pm...every tuesday and wednesday me and idalia will go for swimming..well...she swims i berendam..haha...then..my each n everynight mainly i spend with surfing the internet..calling mama..some reading..maybe assignments a bit later..then sleepsss...endless sleep..oh..last night was the best..slept after isyak till 6am..hehehe..heaven!
so that's my boring life..think i should have life..hmm..what to join? silat? haha..takot la~ capoera..lagi la takot..karate? ley jmp syafiq comel..hmm...kn tanya rijal ni..hahaha...clubs? hmm...oh...met bak today..he said they wanted to form backpackers..sound superb!!! might join that if not so costy~ ok..so tomorrow is wednesday..my timetable full from 9am till 2pm..haish...busy2 day...plus the baju kurung..haish~ ok2..positive2!! yosh!!

bis bald!!

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