Friday, July 3, 2009

hello new sem!!


like always..nite time here i am..tmorrow will go back to kl back to beloved uniten(beloved ke?) thank Allah i got ilmu sharing room so can save for a new start..eventhough last few sems were not so 'bright' as i wish so i hope next sem would..i'm praying hard for a more positive mind n more negitive thoughts.hate myself when that part of my came into frame.haish..wish i could stop it..

ok..thats my class'schedule for the coming semester..not so full so i hope i have plenty of time studying..cewah...i hope..was planning to take german but sadly german wasnt offered next sem..huhu..thinking of changing few subjects..but still considering..hate the fact that i need to be by myself..but till when i wanted to be with friends..looking at the positive side..i can make new friends..if i never try i would never continues~

since its fasting month within next sem so..i really hope i can do it better this year..plan to buy sport shoes so that i can jog..hehe..plan~ looking at the timetable guess the pool can see me quite regularly if cik idalia's timetable permits it..*praying hard* hehe..jom la jom laaa...;p

another part: doesnt go well this time..suddenly felt jealousy rising..lemas2..i dont want us to be like regular couple but looking at those pics..haish..really made me thinking..i know what i want..but those obstacles that came in between was just making things harder..still..i hope for the is super crucial at this time..*pasrah*

today: woke up when the sun still havent reach the top..tahniah2 4 kenduri...went for kenduri..menyambut..had 2 big meals! super full..went back super tired..tuuttuutt..(haish) eat again..adib came..penat2..some tvs..reading abah's retirement notes..(yikes..long way there for me~) i am..marriage..again..listening to that word..give multiple reaction inside..happy: to have someone to call your husband.. excited: to think of when my BIG day will come..scary: to head for a new clueless life..the life is imaginable..just kept on getting bad imagination when it came to the in-laws...thats why i always avoid watching malay's dramas..always the scary drama..conflicts..scary~

so..after a month time at home..i conclude that..when with mama...we need to "whateva" her (inside of cos!) each time she gets us annoyed..haha..sorry mama..sengaja2...i love u more than anyone..i know u know abah too..i was touched when i read abah's retirement's resolution/goals..wanting to spend time more with kind to us..and go on holiday with us..proud to have u as my abah!! uhu..abah is coming to his retirement next month..his birthday on 1st august...thats why the bali trip is set on play for me this july so that i can enjoy th august holiday..hopefully..looks impossible for me to avoid the play..hehe..ok..enjoy the remaining moment of this holiday...

mind set: super positive, yes i can do it!! dL please!!! cgpa up up up!! insyallah! smile always!!

ps: those who r going to the taman negara...enjoy!! cant wait for the pics! :D

peace out!


shera said...

those sape yg pegi tmn negara?
sape ek? *winks* hoho

slmt belajo yek :)

schuzyy said...

hehe..sape tah kan? hehe machih2 k shera..k shera pon keje rajin2 ye ;p