Tuesday, June 25, 2013

welcome to the year 2013!!! haha~


Hello there again!!

haha. making greeting as if anyone would be reading this. haha.

Well..update. I quit my last job! And i started the new job on 26 Nov 2012! wehooo~

Much to learn. Much to digest. Much much things happening...
much love much hate much politics..
too much~

Why i made a come back here..blogging?

Because i hate myself making frequent statuses on fb. haha~
Because my English is getting rusty~
Because i will be sitting for IELTS. crap!
Because i still have feelings for English.
Because i want to further my studies in Masters dgree!! wehoo!

Do i hope anyone would be reading this? definitely not!

What will i update here?
about food
about job
about what happen around me

about what is it like to live a life of a Schuzyy~

so that's pretty much all for today..

i had a looong day today. but i'll keep it for a while..hehe~


peace n out! ^_^

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