Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Stress? Let it go~


I am under so much stress these days. But mostly i think it is actually caused by me.

1. I can't tolerate people different from me.
 I know i should learn to accept people for who they are~

2. I hated this few people because they seem to be unkind to others~
Why should i bother? What i must do..ensuring i am being kind to everyone~

3. I am talking to much
Listen and think first!

4. I am letting people taking advantage of my weaknesses
I need to learn to say no and speak up my mind
Darn! this is hard!

5. I expressing my self to the wrong crowd~
I better keep this blog alive or better. a diary?

6. I have too much work in such little time~

Peace n out ^_^

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