Friday, January 20, 2012



Almost 2 weeks as an engineer. life is getting worst i think. But thanks to my housmates, kakak, adik, nana, kak shera n kak azua for being there. At least i have a small dose of laughter to ease my tense each day. Thanks so much! without them surely i'll lose my sanity in the shortest time.

What i learned in these 2 weeks time can't never compare with what i have seen throughout my 25 years old of living. I used to trust people but now..i dont think i can trust anyone i know from work. everyone seems to find ways to stab u on the back. scary! not sure whether it's true or not..this is just my feeling. all the work loads are ok for me..only having problems to control the people around me. It's hard to satisfy everyone's need. I have 2 bosses and 12 subordinates to satisfy and that just hard...especially because i'm new in the field. my boss said..i need to be wiser in 'goreng' if u know what i mean. so that means i need to alter my life principle. is that appropriate? haish. working life is getting harder by day. maybe just for sometimes before i get used to the system. hopefully. for now i need someone i can count on at work. someone i can trust. sob3~

peace n out~ 

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