Sunday, June 12, 2011



today..a little furious. many friends are getting married and me? nothing. haha. then i came across this article telling that it is better to regret a loss than not experiencing loss at all..yes i am referring to love loss. darn! i think i only felt it 3 times and it was so bad. i really hope that the next time i fall in love it will be for real. no more hurting. please. it not..better leave me alone. i am more peaceful like this. all those false hope would kill me. hate it! why all men nowadays are looking for sexy girls to make a wife. i thought they say men always look for the best only flirt with the sexy ones. gosh. sometimes my fragile heart is telling me to be sexy. gosh. lucky Allah love me. i am still insane. that just not me. i am better off like this. i believe Allah has His plan. all i need to do now is concentrate with my studies and graduating and getting a good work. then love will eventually come when we least expect it..right? insyaallah~

ok..enough talking bout love..sick of it already rite?

since few weeks ago..after i discovered that they made angry birds plus toys..i fall in love with them. but i'm not interested in getting any of the birds..but i am looking for the piggy with misai..haha..but i still found none. i'm sure they made it too. how i wish i have all of the set..then have the slingshot and play in real life. haha..

hehe..aren't they cute? please help me find them..

oh..i never tell anyone before i think..i love key-chains..i collect key-chains since forever! have 2 boxes already..and i;m looking forward to keep on collecting ;p

oh..another thing that i have difficulties on forgetting this week. this video. i was introduced to Korean's variety show called Family Outing..yes i know i am so out dated. this show was a hit back in 2008 and me..only get to know this in 2011..haha..anyhow..i fell in love with hyori and her character..and also bigbang songs. haha..few..because i downloaded their song i only like few. hehe. but here..this one..i cant grow bored listening to this~

i'm not sure why they are no more embedded link. haish. i love this song too much already~ ;p

oh lastly..time waster ;p

You are super duper sensitive and find it hard to get out of a sad mood.
You are in touch with your six sense. If you have a strong feeling about someone or something, you listen to it.

You're the type of person who still believes in changing the world. You passionately believe that things should be better.
You are compelled to help everyone around you. You are naturally selfless.

peace n out ^_^

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