Monday, June 20, 2011



this weekend felt so short. spent saturday with jalan2 and sunday with works. huuu~

12pm: pmc, bangsar. visit ika. omg. she looks bad. i pray the best for her health. it's sad to see her like that after we all know her as a young cute n cheerful girl. i know u are a strong girl ika. hope u get well soon~
4pm: IOImal puchong. teman kak onny. meet kak tiq, toher and their cute friend. haha. pek'u just the person i would like to have in my life. haha. yea rite schuzyy. i had enough of all this. rite now all i need to focus on is finishing my school projects and graduate! yosh! jun, july august! yosh2! :D

thanks kak ony for the ABC,and mcd! and tol n fuel and parking. hahaha. felt like spending time with mama. everything was taken care of. just be there and enjoy! hoho~

11am: cook for the day
12pm till 12am: icsipa works. huhu..that's all i did for the day~

5am: sahur
7am: cdm
11am: protection esaimen n quiz..huhu

gosh! i need my sleep!

happy rejab everyone~

peace n out ^_^

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