Thursday, July 23, 2015

Day 18: Geneva, Switzerland - Nice, France


Nice, France.

Fingers still lazy~

So please enjoy these pictures first ok ^_^

Biggest cat I have ever seen!!

Thanks Tikah for the precious trip! Lav yahh! ^_^


Since I am such a pasta lover! So the first thing in my mind when I reached Italy was the spaghetti and pizza.

My Malay tastebuds dont really enjoy these. Still need the spiciness in food.

Nice SNCF train station. 

The train station, cool rite!

Me and my happy pose

Night walk

I love this. 
The view and the moon and the beach. We just lie on the beach for like 40 mins talking about life and stuff 

Me and coffee. While waiting for Tikah.

Me, coffee and cheese cake

My tea time view.

Time to go back to London

That was the security doing checks on all the airport's night sleepers. There are quite a number of homeless here.

No worries, just make sure you have your boarding pass in hand, show them and they will let you sleep in peace 

For kids. ONLY T_T

So that's pretty much sum up my trip to France.

Peace and out~

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