Saturday, December 24, 2011

happy day~


Yesterday, 23/12/2011 was such a great day.
Great day because I finished the assignment my SV gave me, 

great because finally I get to sleep during break and feeling fresh in the evening and able to finished the task. 

Great because yesterday was the first time Aimi and I used the back door of the office. 

great because we had great lunch.

great because my SV was so happy telling he will be away on Tuesday. haha. I am more happier to be left alone hahaha ^_^

great because finally one of the interview I had long ago paid of! the company called yesterday evening and said they want me! and yes I'll going back to KL! yipeee. Not sure I am so happy.Maybe because I wont be seeing mr tipu again. hahaha.but what I know for sure is...the title I will be holding is Electrical Engineer. wee. and I am kinda afraid hahaha~

great because we got our first allowance from the company. but since we got it on the same day as everyone else who got their bonus so.. we pretend that we too get bonus. hahaha~

great because me and my mates had a great night yesterday. we went to kedai Atuk and had dinner. Could it be the last dinner for the 5 of us? huhu~

great because we had another karok session for 1 n half hours. abes suara. haha~

great because I had a great dream! about him telling me that he will be going to KL just to see me. hehe. what a wonderful feeling! How I wish that dream was a reality because it does feel real ;p

and lastly

great but sad because I'll be leaving Kulim later next week. huhu~

here are some of pictures from yesterday~ ^_^

the supper

cik ain tgh cari lagu ;p

tgk tu abg long ley bantai tido~

goreng aten!! ;p

org bilik sebelah ;p

my rumate! ;p

abg long yg tido time org lain karok. haha~

peace n out huhu~

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