Friday, May 20, 2011

why i love your bf~


just creating a noncontroversial title..hehe..actually what i wanted to say is..i love to be friend with someone boyfriend especially my friend's because they made me feel comfortable. me..i will never ever try to seduce your boyfriend..i am not like that. don't worry. why befriended them made me feel comfortable? because i know they wont be anything between except for friendship. i love being friend with anyone. the problem is that..i am not so comfortable when i with guys.but only when i know the guy is someone else's bf..then i'll be relaxed. haha..yes i know i am weird.

i know i always said male never get the positive impression from me..the truth was never 'clean' when thing comes with them. but so far..only the bf are clean..haha~

anyhow..i am so sorry if i made any of my friends annoyed because of this. dont worry..i wont steal them from u because i love u more :D

peace n out ^_^

ps: i'm tired of being cheated..done believing~

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